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Titania Costume1

Costuming MIDSUMMER… Titania

Creating a costume suitable for the Queen of the Fairies was no small undertaking… Shakespeare’s Titania is a powerful force of nature… Her anger can cause the rivers to overrun their banks and great fogs to rise up and cover

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Costuming MIDSUMMER… Fairies

Disney has really ruined fairies for everybody. I say “fairy” and the reader will almost immediately conjure an image of Tinkerbell: little green dress, pompoms on her shoes, sparkly wand, dripping pixie dust as she flies an arch over Cinderella’s

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Costuming MIDSUMMER… Steampunk Style

Shakespeare shows can be amazing… They can also be boring. One of the things we want to do, with some regularity, here at Envision, is to produce Shakespeare’s great works in ways and styles that are accessible to audiences. Because